ICPALD Vision and Mission

  • Vision: Be the premier center of excellence for promoting dry lands and livestock development policies in the IGAD member states,

  • Mission: Compliment efforts of IGAD member states to sustainably generate wealth, employment and act as regional policy reference institution for livestock and dry lands

 Strategic objectives

  • Promote and facilitate elaboration and harmonization of regional livestock and dry-lands policies and development initiatives of MS,
  • Facilitate and support the domestication, adoption and transfer of appropriate research and technology in dry-lands and livestock development,
  • Act as an interface between the extension, research, policymaking and execution and coordinate implementation,
  • Establish linkages with other IGAD specialized institutions especially ICPAC, ISSP and CEWARN, and member state institutions and create synergy with international, continental and regional institutions’ programs and projects on issues pertaining to dry lands and livestock development.
  • Promote and facilitate need driven capacity building of MS,