• Fake Drugs

    Validation & Awareness Creation on Assessment Findings of Illegal Drugs Use at Cross-Border Areas of South Sudan with Sudan and Uganda

    Introduction Treatment of animals with different forms of veterinary drugs has always been the major approach to prevention and control of various animal diseases and parasites in livestock farming worldwide, and the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) region.  Access to effective veterinary treatment is therefore essential for many people’s livelihoods.  However, illegal veterinary drugs which […]

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  • Trade

    Karamoja Cluster Cross-border Livestock Traders Meeting

    Background Cross-border trade in livestock and livestock products between South Sudan and neighbouring countries is both formal and informal. Informal trade is dominant in the cluster due to the porous borders and lack of awareness among the livestock traders of formal cross-border trade. Majority of traders evade taxation yet under the East African Community Customs […]

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  • Migration

    Cross-border Pastoralist Migration Workshop/Platform in Karamoja Cluster

    Background In Karamoja cluster (Kapoeta-Turkana, Torit-Karamoja-Uganda), one of the limiting factors is frequent drought that subjects pastoralists to migration in search of pasture and water for their livestock. They often leave only milking herds and young ones, especially cattle and camels, at homes to continue feeding their families. The frequent movement is sometimes uncoordinated and […]

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