TERMS OF REFFERENCE -Transhumance expert

Pastoralism in the ASAL regions has evolved in response to long-term climate variability. Pastoral communities have developed strategies to cope with harsh changing environmental condition, such as mobility, livestock species diversification, reciprocity in use of resources, territorial fluidity and social safety nets.  The vast area of the IGAD region consists of arid lands seasonally occupied by pastoralist communities whose livelihood is dependent on their livestock. The IGAD draft Transhumance Protocol foresees that all transhumant livestock shall be allowed free passage across the borders of all Member States for water and pasture under certain conditions set in the protocol. Restriction on mobility of people and animals, intensification of conflicts and stricter control of cross-border trade and defective tenure policy are some of the threats to pastoral mobility. The transhumance protocol document developed by ICPALD is of vital importance to the region, there are needs to create Awareness on the protocol to all stakeholders at the regional, national, and sub-national level. The MS need Support in developing legislation at country levels to support the implementation of the protocol.

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) has received funds from the European Union towards Free Movement of Persons and Transhumance in the IGAD region (Horn of Africa Window EUTF05 – HoA – REG – 20).

IGAD intends to use part of the funds to recruit a Transhumance Expert for the purpose of facilitating the completion of the negotiations on transhumance protocol and its implementation in the IGAD Region with the overall objective of enhancing regional economic integration and Development.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified individuals from the IGAD region for the position tenable at the IGAD CENTER FOR PASTORALIST AREAS AND LIVESTOCK DEVELOPMENT Office in Nairobi, Kenya

Job Title: Transhumance expert
Closing Date: 25th March, 2017
Grade: P4

Reports to: Head, Dryland development, ICPALD

Duration: One Year, renewable subject to performance appraisal and availability of funds

Duty Station: ICPALD Office, Nairobi

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Provide technical support to Delineate/map the major transhumance corridors and support implementation of pastoral mobility.
  • Contribute to the development of a model certificate and other relevant templates and strengthen institutions that implement the protocol.
  • Facilitate the formation of institutions at community level within the clusters in order to provide a platform of interaction between communities and authorities at various levels.
  • Conduct capacity building for major public & private actors at the border areas such that implementation of the protocol is enhanced with clear improvement in harmonious existence of border communities.
  • Establish a publicity programme  using appropriate medium to make sure regional citizens safeguard the gains made under this protocol and avoid it becoming moribund
  • Participate & assist in the assessment and monitoring of the impact of transhumance on transmission of animal disease in the region
  • Assist in drafting regular and adequate reporting on the state of transhumance in the region, natural resources, resource conflict, food security and /or water programmes against indicators of intervention progress and achievements
  • Contribute in drafting work plans and project reports by providing the technical and non technical information / support, specifically, in the established clusters.
  • Monitor the data in ICPALD project system generates in the IGAD region for its accuracy appropriateness and completeness then contribute to the preparation of the quarter and annual reports of ICPALD projects and submitted to ICPALD.
  • Facilitate the collection, collation and dissemination of relevant information based on ICPALD project requirement and distribute this information through the project network and relevant IGAD websites
  • Assist in facilitating and ensuring appropriate mechanism of coordination and information sharing among the stakeholders including transhumance development, resource conflict and food security networks.
  • Participate where and when necessary, in ICPALD or interagency assessment on pastoral issues and assist in data/information analysis to identify gaps and recommend appropriate ICPALD intervention niche’
  • Collect data generated by the field operatives including contracted agencies and consolidate data into ICPALD project databases and formulate information reports on the data which will be transmitted to the project networks, be sent to ICPALD,
  • Liaise with ministries, local authorities, UN agencies and NGO’s and other stakeholders regarding gathering and data management in transhumance and related activities.
  • Monitor the whole process for the success of the implementation.
  1. Perform any other reasonable, project related technical or administrative task as requested by the officer in charge or the project managers
  2. Minimum Requirements

    Minimum of post graduate degree in a relevant social sciences field including migration and transhumance, labour migration, pastoral development, natural resource management, resource economics, socio-economics, rural development, agriculture development, policy research and analysis or a related discipline.

    b. A background and significant experience [a minimum of 10 years] in regular seasonal and irregular pastoral migration and provision of socio-services, pastoral policy research and analysis and an understanding of development challenges regular and irregular pastoral mobility in the region,.

    c. Good understanding of the political, economic and social sectors in the region,

    d. Familiarity with IGAD work in pastoral areas and drylands development and/or environment, employment generation, poverty and governance areas would be desirable; a good understanding of natural resources/ land use issues would be an asset

    e. Proven capacity for working across different sectors and institutional levels from policy and Decision making to programme formulation and implementation; from sub-regional, national to local community levels

    g. A demonstrated ability (through previous similar assignments) to analyze, compile and synthesize information in coherent and succinct formats should have a capacity to build a long term vision of what the situation should be like and what are the current challenges preventing pastoralists from reaching this vision as they try to move from one place to another.

    h. Strong communication skills, spoken and written English.

    i. Ability to work effectively under pressure in a team environment and in a multicultural setting

    j. High attention to detail and ability to complete tasks and meet deadlines.

    k. Working experience with NGOs, INGO, UN agencies and regional and Africa wide organizations is an added advantage.

    l. Working experience in the IGAD region member states in similar capacities is a definite advantage.


  1. Duty Station– the position will be in Nairobi, Kenya with travel to the region and other international destinations.

    Terms and conditions of Service

    This position is EU funded and is a non established position whose contract terms are limited to the period of support; it may be renewed subject to performance and extension of the funding. The post offers attractive consolidated remuneration package.

    How to apply

    Interested candidates should submit their applications, accompanied by a detailed CV, copies of both academic and professional certificates and testimonials, names and addresses of three reputable referees, contact details (e-mail, telephone) should be sent by registered mail, courier service or by email in MS Word to: with copy to


All applications should be received not later than 24th March, 2017.

IGAD is an equal opportunity employer. Female candidates are encouraged to apply.
ICPALD shall only respond to shortlisted candidates