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Regional Integration Support Programme (RISP)

ICPALD Publications

ICPALD Strategic Plan_FRENCH

Animal Health
1.Animal Health Certification Guidelines
2.Progressive Control and Eradication Strategy
3. Livestock Policy Hubs in the IGAD Region
4. Standards Methods and Procedures(SMP) for Export Quarantine in the GHoA
5. Regional Model Policy Legal Framework (Genetic Resources)

Livestock Identification and Traceability
1.Livestock Identification and Traceability
2. IGAD Model Legal Framework for LITS
3. Regional Guidelines on Livestock Identification and Traceability (LITS) in the IGAD Region

Animal Health Bulletins
01 Regional Animal Health Bulletin FIRST EDITION
02 Regional Animal Health Bulletin SECOND EDITION
03 Regional Animal Health Bulletin THIRD EDITION
04 Regional Animal Health Bulletin FOURTH EDITION
05 Regional Animal Health Bulletin FIFTH EDITION
06 Regional Animal Health Bulletin SIXTH EDITION

Livestock Marketing
1 .MENA Training Manual to enhance capacity of Trade counselors og IGAD MS working in Middle East, Asia and African Countries(1st Version)
2.Cross Border Livestock Routes and Markets & TADs and Zoonoses
3.Good Practices & Lessons in the Value Chain of Hides and Skins in the IGAD Region
4. IGAD Training Manual to enhance capacity of Trade counselors of IGAD MS working in MENA
5. Promoting Live Animal and Meat Export from the IGAD region
6. Catalogue of Live animal and Meat Importers in MENA
7. Assessment of the Total economic valuation of Pastoralism in Kenya

Non Wood Forest Products 
1.Djibouti Report
2.Somali Report
3.Sudan Report
4.Ethiopia Report
5.Kenya Report
6.Assessment of the Socio economic contribution of Alternative livelihood resources (Non-Wood Forest products and Artisanal mining) at National level to the GDP of IGAD member states

Transhumance Brochure

  1. Transhumance Protocol -Cover
  2. Transhumance Protocol- inside

Resilience Focus Magazine
Issue #1 Inaugural edition
Issue #3 Implementation of the IDDRSI PIAs in the IGAD region
Issue #4 IDDRSI: An emerging revolution for sustainable development in the Horn of Africa region
Issue #5 Strengthening cross-border cooperation

The IGAD Drought Disaster Resilience and Sustainability Initiative (IDDRSI)

1. Djibouti Country Programming Paper
2. Ethiopia Country Programming Paper
3. Kenya Country Programming Paper
4. Somalia Country Programming Paper
5. South Sudan Country Programming Paper
6. Sudan Country Programming Paper
7. Uganda Country Programming Paper

IDDRSI Strategy
IDDRSI Programming Paper