• Protocol

    High-Level Experts & Ministerial Meeting to Endorse the Roadmap for Implementation of the Protocol on Transhumance in IGAD Region

    Background The need for the transhumance protocol in the IGAD region is premised on the understanding that mobility in search of water and pasture is paramount to the very survival of pastoralist communities. Transhumance is not just a ‘taker’, but contributes about 6-10% to the Countries’ GDP in the IGAD Region. The region lies within […]

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  • PPR

    8th Regional Coordination Meeting to Enhance Control and Eradication of Peste Des Petits Ruminantes (PPR)

    Peste des petits ruminantes (PPR) and other key small ruminant diseases (SRDs) are among trade-sensitive animal diseases in the IGAD Region. The IGAD Centre for Pastoral Areas and Livestock Development (ICPALD), established and operationalized the regional PPR control and eradication coordination committee (CECC), developed regional PPR strategies and programme for the control and eradication of […]

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  • 4th Regional Fodder & Range Platform Convened to Enhance Animal Feed Security in IGAD Member States

    Reports showed that Kenya’s economy lost about USD 3.3 billion in three years due to the effects of drought on livestock from 2008 to 2011. Somalia also reported livestock-related losses averaged at USD 1.5 billion for the period of the drought in 2017. Of these losses, the contribution of inadequate feed is substantial. However, the […]

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  • African Risk Capacity Multi-Stakeholder Sensitization Meeting for the IGAD Region. 15th September, 2020

    Introduction In an effort to build resilience of the IGAD member States, IGAD Centre for Pastoral Areas and Livestock Development (ICPALD) partnered with African Risk Capacity (ARC),  a specialized agency of the African Union (AU) and held a virtual meeting on 15th September, 2020 to raise awareness of ARC non-Member States in the Region [Eritrea, […]

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  • Vets

    Validation of Study and Training Manual for Animal Production, TADs and Commodity Value Chain

    Introduction The Support for Effective Cooperation and Coordination of Cross-border Initiatives (SECCCI) Project, funded by the European Union (EU) and jointly implemented by UNDP, IGAD, UNEP and implementing partners (IPs), in Southwest Ethiopia and Northwest Kenya (South Omo-Turkana Cluster I), Marsabit-Borana and Dawa (Moyale-Marsabit Cluster II) and Kenya-Ethiopia-Somalia (Mandera Cluster III), is designed to provide […]

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  • Capacity

    IGAD Capacity Development Workshop

    Introduction In contributing towards addressing and supporting priority interventions in the cross-border areas, IGAD, in collaboration with its specialized institutions; EU, UNDP, and GIZ have been jointly working on the “Support for Effective Cooperation and Coordination of the Cross-border Initiatives” (SECCCI) in three clusters namely; South Omo-Turkana (Cluster I), Marsabit-Moyale (Cluster II) and Mandera Cluster […]

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  • Rapid Info

    Rapid Information Sharing and Awareness Raising Workshop

    Introduction                               The EUTF-IGAD Support for Effective Cooperation and Coordination of Cross-border Initiative (SECCCI) Project is a 3-year initiative funded by the European Union (EU) and jointly implemented by UNDP, UNEP in collaboration and partnership with IGAD specialized institutions and other different partners in three clusters of South Omo-Turkana, Marsabit-Moyale and Mandera. The Intergovernmental Authority on […]

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  • Flag

    Bilateral Cross-Border MoU Signed by Ethiopia and Sudan

    IGAD Centre for Pastoral Areas and Livestock Development (ICPALD) in collaboration with AU-IBAR, with financial support from European Union, held a virtual meeting between the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Republic of Sudan, during which the two countries signed a bilateral memorandum of understanding (MoU) to enhance trans-boundary disease control and livestock trade. […]

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  • Market

    Cross-Border Trade Awareness for Border Officials

    ICPALD conducted an awareness creation workshop for traders, border officials, customs officials and border security in the Karamoja cluster, under the IDDRSI IL project, funded by USAID. The 5th August 2020 virtual meeting focused on the policy framework for informal cross border trade (ICBT), cross-border security governance (CBSG) and one-stop border post. The ICBT policy […]

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  • Fodder-2

    Private Sector Forum on Fodder Seed & Animal Feed Investments

    Acceptance of innovative technologies and practices is determined by the extent to which they are adapted to cater for market-specific requirements and the process through which they are disseminated to the users in the market. With the support of IDDRSI IL project, funded by USAID, an assessment in Karamoja cluster identified various resilience enhancing technologies […]

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