Meeting between Ethiopia and Kenya for development of Implementation Framework (IF) for operationalization of cross border MoU on enhancing Trans boundary Animal Disease control and livestock trade , held in Adama, Ethiopia,14- 15th August 2018



IGAD Center for Pastoral Areas and Livestock Development (ICPALD) organized a bilateral two days meeting between Ethiopia and Kenya technical teams to finalize the development of the implementation framework (IF) for operationalization of the MoU between the two countries that was signed in June, 2016 by Ministers of livestock. The  participants were comprised of representatives from Ethiopia, Kenya, ICPALD, FAO, ACTED (NGO) and community leaders.
Dr. Yismashewa Wogayehu officiated the meeting,on behalf of the CVO, Ethiopia. He reiterated the importance of enhanced collaboration between Ethiopia and Kenya to implement the activities contained in the signed MoU. He emphasized that the livestock sector in Ethiopia as well as in other IGAD member states are faced with  challenges including Trans-boundary animal diseases (TADs) whose prevention and control require strong collaboration and commitment between regional/ county governments and that the two countries  need to finalize the IF to operationalize the MoU areas of cooperation. Dr. Ameha Sebsibe made remarks on behalf on behalf of the ICPALD director and Dr. Michael Cheruiyot, on behalf of the Chief Veterinary Officer of Kenya.

The meeting achieved the following:

  • Finalized the development of the IF with clear strategic objectives and activities
  • Formed the Joint steering committee (JSC) and multidisciplinary technical committee (MTC) that will provide guidance and follow up with the harmonized implementation of MoU areas of cooperation
  • Developed clear Terms of reference for JSC and MTC

 Recommendations and way forward

  1. Governments of Ethiopia and Kenya should immediately embark on popularizing the signed MOU and the implementation framework to relevant stakeholders along the cross border, development partners and policy makers for buy -in;
  2. Governments of Ethiopia and Kenya as well as IGAD/ ICPALD should jointly and/or independently develop concept notes and approach relevant development partners for resource mobilization both at national and regional levels to embark on harmonized implementation of IF;
  3. JSC and MTC should liaise with national/regional/county governments and development partners currently undertaking interventions in cross-border areas to harmonize their activities in line with the developed implementation framework;
  4. JSC, MTC should lobby for national resources (from existing budget and manpower) to advance the spirit of the cross border MoU.
  5. The CVOs of the two countries should strengthen information sharing on animal health and sanitary issues at national and regional/county levels;
  6. Three key activities; agreed for joint implementation by the two countries (participatory disease surveillance (PDS), sero-monitoring, and vaccination against PPR along Turkana-South Omo, and Marsabit-Borana to be undertaken in 2018 using the available resources needs to be coordinated and followed up by JSC and MTC

.ICPALD acknowledges and appreciates USAID for funding this activity.

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