Meeting With ILRI Facilitated by CTA

Meeting With ILRI Facilitated by CTA
  1. The meeting was held on 28th of July, 2016 at ILRI’s premises, Nairobi. It was attended by representatives of CTA, ICPALD, IIRR, and ILRI
  2. The meeting was organized on the background that ILRI is underway to finalize a project proposal within their partnership with CTA. Among the meeting’s objectives was to discuss the possible ways of collaboration between the four partners considering the CTA business plan for Eastern Africa, ILRI’s regional project on livestock value chains and the pilot one led by ICPALD and IIRR.
  3. The meeting was started by ICPALD and IIRR presenting their pilot project, as well ILRI presented its intended project with CTA. CTA’s representative had clarified some issues pertaining to their Eastern and Southern Africa portfolio.
  4. ILRI’s proposal is entitled, ”Connecting pastoralists and agro-pastoralists to markets to enhance resilience in East Africa”. It has four result areas, one on index-based livestock insurance, youth-focused enterprise development, promotion of ICT solutions and generating evidence on policy formulation and market efficiency and building the evidence.
  5. Then the meeting had discussed the matching of ILRI’s result areas with CTA flagship project for Eastern Africa and the pilot project implemented by ICPALD and IIRR.
  1. The partners agreed to collaborate, at least informally at this stage, after setting the potential areas within their initiated projects. If need be they agreed that, to ease formal collaboration, a letter of understanding (LOU) between ILRI and ICPALD and another one between ILRI and IIRR may need to be discussed and finalized.
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