SMP-AH National SMP roll-out workshop for Somaliland and Central South Somalia, Hargeisa


A national SMP roll-out workshop for Somaliland, and Central South Somalia was held in Hargeisa, from 4th to 6th August 2015. Its main aim was to roll-out ready Standard Methods and Procedures (SMPs) for FMD, PPR, RVF and brucellosis to veterinary stakeholders within Somaliland, and Central South Somalia to create awareness in order to foster smooth implementation of the SMPs. The workshop brought together key players in animal health service delivery mainly from Somaliland, and Central South Somalia serving in ministries for livestock, Universities, Trader association and Livestock Production Associations. In addition, the workshop reviewed the status of livestock diseases and delivery of veterinary services in the regions in Somaliland, and Central South Somalia. A total of 44 participants drawn from various regions of Somaliland, and Central South Somalia and AU-IBAR attended the meeting.

In his remarks, Dr Joseph Magona, on behalf of the Director, AU-IBAR, Prof. Ahmed Elsawalhy, pointed out that the SMP roll-out workshop was intended to disseminate ready SMPs, namely, FMD, PPR, RVF and brucellosis to all national stakeholders in order to initiate implementation at national level. He encouraged all livestock stakeholders in Somaliland, Puntland and Central South Somalia to embrace the implementation of the SMPs for FMD, PPR, RVF and brucellosis during disease control and regulation of trade in livestock and livestock products. This he said would harmonize disease control and enhance effective delivery of animal health services to satisfaction of livestock communities.

In his remarks, Dr. Osman Mohamed Ali, the representative from Central South Somalia, thanked the AU-IBAR for organizing this workshop. He thanked all those who contributed and helped in the Workshop. He also thanked all participants for honouring the invitations and advised them to participate in the workshop to the fullest. He however, regretted the absence of participants from Puntland in such an important workshop.

In his opening remarks, the Director General in Ministry of Livestock in Somaliland, Dr Jama Odowa recognized the importance of livestock in Somaliland and the responsibility entrusted to the Ministry of Livestock regarding the prevention and control of animal diseases especially transboundary animal diseases. He encouraged staff to be honest and hardworking.

The workshop achieved the following:

  • Awareness created among stakeholders on the SMPs
  • Components of the SMPs described
  • Stakeholders participation in the SMP implementation promoted
  • A feedback mechanism for implementation of SMPs developed
  • Animal health service delivery in Central South Somalia and Somaliland reviewed
  • Challenges in trade in livestock and livestock products in Somaliland and Central South Somalia reviewed


The workshop was conducted through presentations, plenary discussion and group work.

Overview of the SMP-AH Project

The presentation elaborated activities of the Standard Methods and Procedures in Animal Health (SMP-AH) project in region. It pointed out that the project was aimed at harmonizing animal health approaches in the Greater Horn of Africa region, especially for prevention and control of trade-related ppriority diseases, including RVF, PPR, CBPP, CCPP, FMD, LSD, SGP, Camel pox and brucellosis.

Standard Methods and Procedures (SMP)

The presentations highlighted the principles and concept of the SMPs to the participants, including Disease Control, Surveillance and Laboratory diagnosis components.

Feedback mechanism on the progress of implementation of SMPs

The discussion identified the roles of the Director General, Regional Veterinary Coordinators, Port Veterinarians, Universities, District Veterinary Officers and Community Animal Health Workers regarding the implementation of SMPs in Somaliland. As well roles of the Director General, Director of Veterinary Services, Regional Veterinary Officers, District Veterinary Officers, Private Veterinarians in Livestock Production Associations regarding the implementation of SMPs in Central South Somalia were discussed. It was agreed that the Director General for Livestock in Somaliland and the Director General for Livestock, Fisheries and Range in Central South Somalia ensure SMPs are institutionalized and incorporated in day-to-day practice as a matter of policy in their respective Government. The District Veterinary Officers in Somaliland and Focal persons belonging to Livestock Production Associations in Central South Somalia would supervise implementation of the SMPs and ensure that they provide regular feedback to the respective SMP-AH focal persons in Somaliland and Central South Somalia, who would in-turn, send feedback to AU-IBAR.

Disease status and Control efforts in various regions in Somaliland and Central South Somalia

Regional Veterinary Coordinators, Veterinarians from the Quarantine stations, Veterinarians from the Central Veterinary Laboratory and those in-charge of mobile teams in Somaliland presented the reports on disease status, disease control campaigns and challenges faced. CCPP, TBDs, Trypanosomosis, helminthiasis, Blackquarter and brucellosis were the commonest diseases in rural communities. For Central South Somalia, Veterinarians from the EDMU, Universities and Livestock Production Associations presented reports on the disease status, disease control campaigns and challenges faced. For both Somaliland and Central South Somalia, disease control strategies mainly target vaccinations, movement control and prophylactic and curative treatment. The services were mainly delivered by the Governmemnt Veterinary staff in Somaliland and Privates working with Livestock Production Association in Central South Somalia. Community Animal Health Workers provide grassroot animal health services within livestock communities across the entire Somaliland and Central South Somalia.

Differing administrations within South and Central zones of Somalia, endemic fighting, Insecurity and restrictions; Seasonal rains and poor road infrastructures; No adequate capacity building for the private professionals and the associations; Poor of co-ordinations & cohesiveness of stakeholders; Low awareness among pastoralists; Poor hygiene and meat inspection services; slaughter slabs are not managed and inspected by professional meat inspectors; no vaccinations against production limiting diseases such as Anthrax, HS, BQ ; Poor cross-border animal movement control; non-operational central laboratory;  Poor  communication in remote areas; and Poor capacity building  for CAWHS.

The Role of Livestock Identification and Traceability System in Disease Surveillance in Somaliland and Central South Somalia

The presentation highlighted hot iron branding, animal painting, tattooing, ear-notching and ear-tagging as common LITS options in Somalia. Hot iron branding was commonest method practised traditionally by pastoralist communities with each clan practising a specific method of LITS. LITS is generally used in identifying breeding animals, trade animals and for differentiation of animals for particular countries along border areas. Ear notching is mostly for dairy animals, ear-tagging or marking with marker pens for vaccinated animals. Major challenges included fading away of marks on vaccinated animals, confusion between markers used by different clans, and lack of a well-organized registration system and central database for Somalia in general.

Sharing of activity plan for 2015

The meeting discussed the implementation of the activities for the year 2015 for Somaliland and Central South Somalia, including, roll-out of SMPs for implementation; creating a community grassroot disease reporting system; active surveillance on FMD, CBPP, RVF, PPR, Brucellosis, LSD and CCPP; Procurement of laboratory consumables, ICT equipment; Refresher training of laboratory staff and inspectors manning Border Posts; and implementation of awareness creation programmes to enhance disease control.

Developments of action plans for implementation of the SMPs in Somaliland and Central South Somalia

Participants discussed and scheduled key activities for achieving full roll-out of SMPs, including the workshop for development of the SMP implementation plan, zonal awareness workshops to promote SMP implementation, Institutionalization of SMPs in Policy, and reporting on the SMP implementation, including progress in utilization of SMPs, identification of shortcomings and emerging diseases requiring development of SMPs. Annual national review workshops on SMP implementation were considered necessary. This would then raise aspects to be considered during the annual regional review of SMPs by a Committee of Chief Veterinary Officers from implementing countries. AU-IBAR would organize the annual regional review workshop for SMPs. Action plans were developed to guide the implementation of the identified activities in Somaliland and Central South Somalia (see Annex 5.1 and 5.2).


Upon discussion on the afore-mentioned topics and pertinent concerns arising therein, the participants recommended the following:

To Governments of Somaliland and Central South Somalia and AU-IBAR

  • To fast-track incorporation of SMP implementation into national policies


  • To allocate adequate and sustainable finance for the livestock sector to improve the quality of services to livestock sector
  • To strengthen public and private partnership
  • To fast-track enactment of law governing Veterinary Services
  • To improve the relationship between all stakeholders-Private sector, quarantine, veterinary schools and Government through regular meeting and proper channel for information sharing
  • To increase number of Border Inspection Check points and animal health posts along Somaliland withy Ethiopia and Djibouti

Way forward

  • SMP-AH national teams and national Governments in collaboration with AU-IBAR to follow-up proposed action plans for SMP implementation in Somaliland and Central South Somalia

 Done this 6th August 2015


Action plan for Central South Somalia

Activity Place Actors Source of funds Timeline
Workshop for development of the national implementation plan Mogadishu Selected CVOsPrivate vets


Focal point person

(40 Participants)

SMP – AH Project 26-28/09/2015
Awareness creation workshops at zonal level and distribution of  SMP documents(15,000 copies) BaydhaboBaledweyne



DVOsLocal Authority



Local elders

Livestock traders

Public and Private veterinarians

Milk farmers

Training & Educational  institution

(30 participant per region

SMP – AH Project 5-7/10/201518-20/10/2015






Develop a tool for feedback and M&E mechanism i.e. a tool to

1) standardize reporting ( to show how to report, when to report, how often)

2) Identify loopholes in the document to be revised





Mogadishu  Selected CVOsFocal point person

Private Vets




Meat firms


(40 Participants)

SMP – AH Project 28-30/11/2015 


Reporting  DistrictsLevel DVOsSenior LPAs SMP – AH Project  By 15th of every month
Backstopping districts to ensure compliance, build capacity & get a feedback  District Level DVOFocal point person

Senior LPAs

SMP – AH Project Monthly
Revision and incorporation of SMPs into policy National level(Mogadishu CVOSMPAH focal person  SMP – AH Project December 2015
Hold annual review meeting 






Mogadishu MoLFR, DVOs, Focal point personSenior LPAs



SMP – AH Project 15-17/12/2015
Hold annual regional review meeting Nairobi CVO SMP-AH Project 2016














Action plan for Somaliland


Activity Place Actors Source of funds Timeline
 Workshop for development of SMP implementation for Somaliland Hargeisa RVO, DVO, private. Quarantine stations, veterinary Universities SMP – AH Project  12th Sept 2015
Regional workshop for awareness of creation and distribution of SMP documents (11,000 copies)  Burao 




Veterinarian , Livestock keepers, DVO, CAWHs, abattoirs, traders, Dairy Farmers associations SMP – AH Project 10th Oct. 2015 
Develop a tool for feedback and M&E mechanism i.e. a tool to1) standardize reporting ( to show how to report, when to report, how often)

2) Identify loopholes in the document to be revised

Hargeisa Veterinarian , Livestock keepers, DVO, CAWHs, slaughter house  traders, Dairy Farmers associationsFocal points and Veterinary Universities



SMP – AH Project 10th November 2015
Reporting DVO-Level DVO SMP – AH Project By 10th of every month
Revision and incorporation of SMPs into policy DG DGSMPAH focal person SMP – AH Project December 2015
Backstopping districts to ensure compliance, build capacity & get a feedback  DVO-level DVO Ministry of livestock Monthly
Capacity building districts to ensure compliance All Regions 14 check points of each,Border line areas.

60 Vet  inspectors

SMP – AH Project Dec 1th to 12th. 2015
Hold annual review meeting  Borama Focal points, RVO,DVO, vet institutions SMP – AH Project Dec. 20th -12th  2015
Hold annual regional review meeting Nairobi CVO SMP-AH 2016























List of participants

Central South Somalia

1) Dr Amina Hussein Duhulow

Senior Laboratory Technician

South West Livestock Professional Association



Tel: +252617090260

Email: [email protected]


2) Dr Ali Hassan Musse


South West Livestock Professional Association ( SOWELPA)




E-mail: [email protected]


3) Dr Mohamed Aden Mohamed

Doctor of veterinary



Email: [email protected]  / [email protected]


4) Dr Qassim Abdi Moallim Mohamed

Plasma University

Dean collage of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

Somalia – Mogadishu


[email protected]





5) Dr Ahmed Abdulle Farah

Veterinary Team Leader Benalpa Association



E-mail: [email protected]


6) Jama Omar Abdulle

Beder Dairy and Meat

General Manager



E-mail:  [email protected]


7) Dr Osman Mohamed Aden





E-mail: [email protected]


8)  Dr Ibrahim Abukar Sheegow


Mogadishu Quarantine center


E-mail: [email protected]

9) Dr Nuradin Abdi Weheliye

Lab Technician & Meat Inspection

Somalia, Mogadishu


E-mail: [email protected]


10) Dr Yasin  Gadan Ragow

Mogadishu Deputy Port Veterinary Officer




E-mail: [email protected]


11) Mohamed Bilal Maye

Head of Drug Section




[email protected]


12) Drs Maryan Iman Aden



E-mail: [email protected]


13) Dr Abdi Mohamed Abdi

Horseed University

Dean Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry



Tel: +252616301268

E-mail: [email protected]



14) Dr Yusuf Mohamud Siad


Banadir Livestock Professional Association ( Benalpa)




E-mail: [email protected]


15) Dr Omar Dirie Momin

Epidemilogy Unit




E-mail: [email protected]


16) Nasro Hussein Fidshe

Central Livestock Professional Association

South Mudug




17) Dr. Abdi mouse Jama

Veterinary officer Burao regional officer

TELL: 063-431492

Email: [email protected]


18) Dr. Husein abdilahi Ahmed

Veterinary officer Hargeisa

Tel: 063-4103245

Email: [email protected]


19) Abdirahman Mohamed hashi

Veterinary technician odweyne

Reginal officer

Tel: 063-4262451


20) Iamail salah Abdi

Veterinary technician erigavo

Regional officer

Tel: 063-4001025


21)  Farah sulayman

Veterinary technician Burao

Tel: 063-4438855


22) Dalmar Abdi diria

Veterinary technician

Sanaag region

Tel: 063-4031683


23) Dr. Osman Abdilahi farah

Veterinary officer Erigavo

Email: [email protected]

Tell: 063-426148


24) Hasan Mohamed Hasan

Veterinary technician

Mobile animal health team

Email: [email protected]


25) Ahmed Abdi Ahmed

Veterinary technician

Burao region

Tel: 063-4281778


26 ) Abdirahman Hussien Ibrahim

Veterinary technician Burao region

Tel: 063-4376217

27) Ahmed Abi Ali

Veterinary technician

Mobile team leader of odweyne region

Tel: 063-4069222


28) Mohamed Hasan Ahmed

Veterinary technician odweyne

Tel: 063-4441333

Email: [email protected]


29) Khadar Abdi A/lahi

Veterinary technician

Awdal region

Tell: 063-4539349


30) Abdi Jama Elmi

Veterinary technician Burao

Tel: 063-4020701

Email: [email protected]


31) Abdisaadiq Mohamoud Abdi

Veterinary technician Hargeisa

Tell: 063-4413724

Email: [email protected]


32) Mohamoud Yousuf Ismail

Veterinary technician

Sanaag region

Tel: 063-4407828

Email: [email protected]


33) Dr. Hasan Abdirahman Hasan

Veterinary officer

Sool regional officer

Tel: 063-4496942

Email: [email protected]


34) Abdirisaq Ahmed duale

Veterinary technician at salahley

Tel: 063-4004382

Email: [email protected]


35) Mahad yusuf  Abdirahmaan

Veterinary technician Hargeisa

Tel: 063-4414085

Email: [email protected]


36) Adbikadir Aadan Arir

Veterinary technician Hargeisa

Email: [email protected]


37) Yasiin sahal Abdi

Veterinary officer

Sanaag region



38) Abdoo Hasan Ahmed

Veterinary technician

Hargeisa district officer

Tel: 063-4475324


39) Ahmed Hasan bile

Veterinary officer

Alaybaday District.



40) Hirsi Mohamed Egal

Veterinary technician

El afweyn district officer

Tel: 063-4022761


41) Ibrahim Ahmed Saleban

Veterinary officer

Saraar regional officer



42) Dr. Haruun Saeed Huseen

Veterinary office Hargeisa

Director of production

Tel: 063-4422141

Email: [email protected]


43) Dr Joseph Magona

Veterinary Epidemiologist


Kenindia Business Park

P.O. Box 30786-00100

Nairobi, KENYA

Tel: +254 727 42 8718

Email: [email protected]


44) Ms Joyeuse Mutambarungu,



Kenindia Business Park

P.O. Box 30786-00100

Nairobi, KENYA

Tel: +254 20 3674 000

E-mail: [email protected]

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