• LITS legal framework

    The IGAD regional livestock identification and traceability systems (LITS) legal framework validated

    The IGAD regional livestock identification and traceability systems (LITS) legal framework has just been validated in a validation workshop held in May 2nd-3rd, 2016 in Fairway Hotel, Kampala, Uganda. It was attended by about 33 participants who included CVOs, members of the national LITS technical teams in the IGAD MS and experienced consultants on LITS […]

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  • Goat Value chain

    Validation of the report of diagnostic goat value chains study in north-eastern Kenya conducted

    As livelihoods of the pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in north-eastern (NE) Kenya are dependent on livestock production, particularly the goats of breed galla, that are kept by the Somali and Boran communities of Kenya; and are among the major livestock types kept by most households that have livestock in the region where livestock and the […]

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  • Egypt

    Continental Workshop on Harmonization of Pesticides Regulations in Africa

    Background: Pesticides are harmful to bee health, productivity, reproduction and its environment; and their registration is a process whereby the responsible national government or regional authority are expected to first approve their sale and use following an evaluation of comprehensive scientific data demonstrating that the product is effective for its intended purposes and does not […]

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  • Livestock Policy

    ICPALD conducted a regional workshop to Strengthen Livestock Policy Hubs in IGAD Members states

    Livestock in sub-Saharan Africa represents on average 30% of the Agricultural Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and about 10% of the national GDP. It is estimated that most of the  250 million people in arid and semi arid lands depend on livestock for their income and livelihoods in this region. However, the sector is seriously constrained […]

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  • KRT

    Regional Experience Sharing Event On Artisanal Mining

    1. Background The 3rd Regional Integration Support Programme (RISP3) is a follow-up phase to RISP1 (2005-2010) and RISP2 (2010 – 2013). The RISP3 programme seeks to support well selected, high priority and complementary activities to accelerate domestication and implementation of regional commitments including targeted national consultations and consensus building, background analytical work, reviews to identify […]

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  • Trade

    Training of trade counsellors of IGAD exporting countries based in Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates, other major GCC importing countries and Egypt

    The Horn of Africa countries export 50% of live animals and less than 10% of meat that is demanded annually in Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) countries yet these countries have a preference for livestock and meat from the Horn of Africa region. The limited exports has partly been due to limited coordination  between […]

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  • STSD

    4th STSD Steering Committee Meeting

    Background: The “Improving Animal Disease Surveillance in Support of Trade” in IGAD Member States or “Surveillance of the Trade-Sensitive Diseases Project (STSD)” is a regional component of the “Supporting the Horn of Africa’s Resilience (SHARE) Project”, a three (3) year project that aims to strengthen technical and institutional capacities of the IGAD member states (MS) […]

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  • Gulf

    IGAD /ICPALD organized GULF food fair mission for the private sector involved in livestock and meat export

    IGAD /ICPALD organized GULF food fair mission for the private sector involved  in livestock and meat export Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in partnership with FAO, with financial support from Italian Development Cooperation is implementing the regional project; Improving supply of safe and quality livestock and meat exported from the Horn of Africa to Middle […]

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  • Land Governance

    Improving Land Governance in the IGAD Region

    Improving Land Governance in the IGAD Region, Project Progress Review and Planning Meeting Introduction With support from the Switzerland Development Cooperation (SDC), the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and the Land Policy Initiative (LPI) are implementing a joint project to improve land governance in the IGAD Region. The aim of the project is to facilitate […]

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  • Dar STSD

    AU-IBAR and ICPALD Planning Meeting for STSD

    AU-IBAR and ICPALD Planning Meeting for STSD and SMP-A Progress Review and 2016 Planned Activities Two running regional projects, namely the Improving Animal Disease Surveillance in Support of Trade in IGAD MS Project or Surveillance of Trade-Sensitive Diseases (STSD) and Standards Methods and Procedures in Animal Health (SMP-AH), recently organized and held a back-to-back planning […]

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